Criminal Law- Financial Criminal Law

CRIMINAL LAW– Our law firm gives great importance in shaping the defense of the defendant from the early stages of the criminal proceedings in all types of criminal law cases with full legal support and representation. The presumption of innocence is the fundamental principle of our law firm.
The thorough organization of each case file, the rigorous legal study and the militancy in the performance before the jury are the components of our success in the numerous cases we have handled so far. With faith in the idea of defense and with our many years of experience, we manage and handle all types of criminal offenses.

Financial Law
– Our experienced attorneys and legal advisors, advice and represent our clients in financial crime cases, offering them specialized advises at the pre-trial stages as well as in court.
As the pre-trial investigation, the preliminary examination and the criminal prosecution in general are related with the client’s personal data, our law firm ensures that these data are treated in the strictest of confidentiality.