Commercial Law-Company Law

Commercial Law– As a law firm that deals with commercial law issues, we seek to understand our client’s (entrepreneur/trader) position so that we can visualize not only our client’s legal interest but also the commercial interest in general, since the purpose of commercial law is the development of trade and the protection of the transactors from the traders. In the commercial law field, our office undertakes the drafting and supervision of all types of commercial contracts especially with the commercial representation and distribution contracts, leasing, factoring, forfaiting and franchising.

Corporate law
– In the field of corporate law, our firm offers consulting services on issues related to the company’s entire circle of life. From the company’s establishment and its operation to its dissolution, including, inter alia, the drafting of articles of association, administration council’s minutes and general assemblies.
Companies must constantly strive to gain access to new markets, to improve margins and balance the risk. Lawyers must always be one step ahead and we are!